▶︎ Do you ship to international locations?

Yes, we absolutely do.  International orders can be shipped via USPS First Class Mail International (economy), USPS Priority Mail International, and USPS Express Mail International. DHL shipping is also available for fast and reliable service. Please note that orders shipped via economy shipping (first class mail) do not include tracking numbers or insurance, and can take up to 5 weeks for delivery. Please view our Shipping Options page for more details.

▶︎ I am an international customer and I am being asked to pay a fee to receive my package, why?

Each country is different, but many countries charge fees or duties to import items, usually based on the cost of the item.  In order to properly insure these products, the actual cost of the item must be added to the custom’s form.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay these fees on their order.  Please do not ask us to mark orders as gifts...it is illegal.

▶︎ Will my order be shipped immediately after I place it?

No.  Many of our products are not stocked and are made to order. Our FTM Prosthetics specifically are made to order, which means we don’t stock these products so they are created as each order is placed.  Due to the unusually large number of orders we receive, there is a waiting list for these products.  Please see the Order Processing Page for current estimated shipping times for these items.

▶︎ How long will it take for my item to reach me once shipped?

It all depends on your location:  For U.S. orders, some items are shipped via UPS Ground, which can take 1-5 days depending where you live.  Refer to the UPS Transit Map at the bottom of this page for additional info on transit times.  Some items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail,  which can take 3-5 days or longer in some situations.

For International orders, packages shipped via USPS First Class Mail International can take 2-5 weeks depending on your location. Packages shipped via USPS Priority Mail International can take 7-14 days. Packages shipped via USPS Express Mail International can take 5-7 days, however no guarantees are made. We take no responsibility for shipping transit times.

▶︎ Will I receive a tracking number with my order?

Yes, you will be emailed a UPS or USPS tracking number with each order.  However, any orders shipped via USPS are not always updated with tracking information.  USPS International orders are not always tracked once they leave the U.S.  We take no responsibility for the actions of the US Postal Service.

▶︎ How much will I be charged for shipping?

The cost of each shipment will vary from location and the size and weight of the order.  Paypal will provide an estimated shipping cost as you add items to your cart as long as you enter a destination or a zip code.  Shipping cost will be combined on orders with more than one item.  Please note that a small handling charge is added to the shipping cost of each item.  This is to cover the cost of boxes and packaging materials.

▶︎ Will my package be shipped discreetly?

Absolutely...all of our products are shipped in plain boxes.  No product information is displayed on the package.  Our shipping label has only our company name and address, and since we also specialize in Halloween products, your order could be easily explained away. We value our customers privacy and do our best to keep packaging discreet.

▶︎ If I order multiple products with different processing times will they be shipped seperately?

Shipping fees are applied to orders based on the assumption that all products will be shipped in the same package. If you order a Pack n Play and an STP product in the same order, typically they will both ship together once both products have been completed (the product with the longest processing time will dictate shipment date). If you wish the product with the shorter processing time to ship as soon as it has been completed, additional shipping fees will apply. We would recommend making seperate purchases to avoid confusion.

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▶︎ Do you accept returns?

HALLOWEEN PRODUCTS: No, we do not.  The majority of our items are made to order and cannot be returned.  In extreme situations where an exception can be made, a 15% restocking fee will apply.  Please note that shipping costs will not be refunded under any circumstances.  We have already paid to ship the item to you and cannot recover that cost.  As a small business, we cannot do this and remain in business.  We hope that you understand.

FTM / ADULT PRODUCTS: Due to the nature of the product, absolutely no returns or refunds will be accepted for these items.  Each product is custom made specifically for the individual customer, and cannot be resold. A 15% transaction fee will apply to any situations where exceptions can be made.

▶︎ Can I exchange my product?

HALLOWEEN PRODUCTS: If the product has not been used or damaged in any way (eg, glue residue, color applied, etc.), exchanges may be accepted. Additional shipping charges may apply.

FTM / ADULT PRODUCTS: Due to the nature of the product, absolutely no exchanges will be accepted for our FTM Prosthetics.  Each product is custom made specifically for the individual customer, and cannot be resold.  Our Basic Packer may be exchanged or returned ONLY if the product has not been removed from it’s original sealed packaging. Innacurate skin tone or hair color chosen by the customer will not be considered cause for exchange, return or refund of any product.

▶︎ Can I cancel my order?

Yes, however, any refunds given due to cancellation of an order made 30 days after the original purchase date will be subject to a 15% transaction fee.  There will be no exceptions. FTM Prosthetic orders that have reached the production stage can not be cancelled.



▶︎ Do you accept payment other than Paypal?

Yes, we accept credit cards, debit cards, as well as money orders.  If you wish to pay by money order, please contact us before ordering.  No personal checks are accepted.   Please see our Payment Options Page for more information.

▶︎ Can I pay in installments?  Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, we now offer several payment options for our high end ftm prosthetics (any product totaling over $400.00), including Bill Me Later, a payment plan offered directly through Paypal.  We also offer our own payment plan option.  A $100 non-refundable deposit is required upon placement of order. Please view our Payment Options Page for details.

Please view our Payment Options page for more details.



▶︎ Can my prosthetic be used for sex?

We have had many questions regarding the use of this product for sexual penetration. The short answer to this question is yes, at your own risk. Our pack n play prosthetics retain the ability to be used for penetration as long as a condom is used. The outer layer, sealant and matte finish consist of a high quality 100% platinum, healthcare-grade silicone. The inner core of our products consist of a high quality 100% platinum, prosthetic-grade silicone in order to achieve the very realistic feeling “skin” of the penis and scrotum. This particular silicone is non-toxic and safe for use on skin, but was not intended for sexual penetration.  If our customers choose to use the item for penetration, the use of a condom is required, for the safety of yourself and of your partner. This will also help reduce any risk associated with sexually transmitted diseases, as well as help to keep your prosthetic clean and in good condition. Use only condoms that contain water-based lubricant, silicone lubricant will damage the prosthetic! Rough penetrative play or intense physical activty is not recommended...this may damage the prosthetic skin. Please use common sense.

▶︎ Can I urinate while wearing the prosthetic?

While most of our products are not STP’s, you can still urinate normally while wearing the product.  The prosthetic does not cover the urethra, so all you need to do is sit down and lift the scrotum upward to urinate. We do now offer an STP product used specifically for urination. Please visit our STP Store for details.

▶︎ What is the life expectancy of the prosthetic?

Silicone is very durable, however, the life expectancy of the products will vary with each individual based on daily use and how well they are cleaned and cared for.

▶︎ How long will my prosthetic stay glued on?

Adhesion will vary with each individual based on skin type, but we recommend wearing the prosthetic for no more than 10-12 hours per day.  Skin needs to breathe to stay healthy.

*There may be a very small number of individuals that have difficulty with adhesion, typically due to oily skin type. For best results, this type of skin may need additional prepping and cleaning before adhering. Adhesive not guaranteed to work with every individual.

▶︎ Can I shower and swim with it on?

Yes. The extra strength adhesive is waterproof and sweat proof, and can be used when swimming in pools and oceans. It can also be used in the shower, bath and hot tubs, however, very hot water may cause the glue to lose adhesion over a long period of time.  Use caution in these instances.

▶︎ My prosthetic has air bubbles in it, is this normal? 

Yes, very small air bubbles are normal and will not affect performance of your prosthetic.  Bubbles larger than 1/16” in diameter could pose a problem and should be repaired.  If you receive a product that develops an air bubble larger than 1/16” within the warranty period, it will be covered.  Small air bubbles on the back of the adhesion tab are also normal, and will not negatively affect performance.

▶︎ My prosthetic does not seem to be the length that it is advertised, why?

The length of male genitalia is typically measured from the base (just below the pubic arch) to the tip of the glans.  This is how we measure our products as well...view an example of this technique HERE.  Please note that a 6” prosthetic may not result in an insertable length of 6”.

▶︎ I ordered a product with hand punched hair and the tab seems to be thicker, is this normal?

Yes, this is normal. Due to the way the hair is punched and sealed, the attachment tab will be slightly thicker than a product without hair.

If you have any questions that have not been answered in this section, please contact us using our email address (reelmagik@me.com) or our business line (717-989-2423).


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▶︎ Will all damages be covered under the warranty?

Not neccesarily. Damages covered will be determined by our repair claim staff after perforing a visual inspection of the prosthetic.

Damages caused by excessive rough use or play will not be covered. Products used for play are done so at the risk of the customer, and may cause the warranty to be voided. Using the product in a manner not described on this site may also be cause for voidance of warranty. Using the product in a harness not approved for use with our prosthetics may also void warranty.

▶︎ What will be covered?

Typically, any damages caused due to manufacturing error (minor tears due to thin spots and coloration issues such as flaking or fading) will be covered under the standard warranty. Early issues caused by "typical" everyday wear and tear may be covered depending on outcome of initial inspection. Any minor tears or holes discovered MUST be reported to us immediately and repaired as soon as possible. If you continue to use a product that has a minor tear and cause additional damage, repairs will not be covered. All approved repairs will be completed at no cost to the customer. Charges incurred by shipping may be reimbursed at a cost determined by the company. Pre-paid shipping labels may be provided by the company.

▶︎ What should I do if I find a small hole, tear or air bubble that has burst?

DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY! Never continue to use a product that has a hole or tear...continued use may cause possible further damage and may void your warranty. The majority of damage can be repaired if caught early and corrected. Contact us immediately via email and report the damage, including photos of the damage and a detailed description. We will typically respond within 48 hours with instructions on how to proceed. If you do not hear back from us with 48 hours, please call us at 717-989-2423 to report the damage.