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Color & color matching

• I'm not sure what color I am, can you help me choose?

Unfortunately, we are not able to make a color choice for you. This must be something you decide, as we are not able to make an accurate suggestion based on digital photos or examples.

We do assist in color matching in person, such as when we attend conferences and/or Trans/Pride events. If we will be in your area, we will be happy to assist you in your decision.

Color Selection Help ⟩

• Can I send in a photo of myself for color matching?

Unfortunately, no. As in the previous Q&A, we are not able to assist in color matching using photos. Color matching is best done in person. We do not offer assisted online color matching.

• I'm in between two colors, what do I do?

Fortunately, we can help with that. With our Color Mixing Option, we can mix any two colors together to create a custom color just for you! When selecting your color in the purchase section below, simply choose your first color, and then a second color you wish to mix the first one with. When we receive your order we'll use the two colors you chose to create a custom color for your product. It's that easy.

• Can I have the shaft painted darker than the tab?

Because the shaft of a penis is naturally slightly darker than the rest of the body, we automatically paint it a bit darker.

• Do I have to pay for color samples?

There is an initial $100.00 fee that is refunded once the color samples are sent back and received by us. There will be a small shipping fee, however this is not refundable.

• Why does the color / paint application look different from my last model?

Each prosthetic is hand painted. We have multiple paint artists, each of which are painting multiple products. We try our best to keep the paint application similar on every prosthetic we paint, however slight differences in color and or detail may occur on two separate products. This is more likely to occur if products are purchased at different times. If a customer orders more than one product at a time, we will have the same artist paint both products so that they will match much more closely.

Fills & flex rod

• Is the Flex Rod removable?

No, the Flex Rod is inserted during manufacturing and is not removable.

• Can I add a Flex Rod after I receive my prosthetic?

No, the Flex Rod is inserted during manufacturing and cannot be added after the prosthetic has been created.

• Does the Flex Rod make noise?

The Flex Rod is made up of multiple ball and socket joints, and works on the principle of friction. It may exhibit a small amount of noise when flexing. This is normal.

Our newer generation of Fled Rods are quieter than the previous model.

• Why can't I order the Flex Rod and the Pleasure Pocket together?

The Flex Rod, in order to function properly, must extend the entire length of the prosthetic. The Pleasure Pocket interferes with this, as it is inset into the prosthetic and does not allow the Flex Rod to extend as far as it should. Safety is also an issue, as the rod would be too close to the inner tip of the Pleasure Pocket.

• Which fill can i use for penetration?

Most the the firmer fills will work for penetration, however it will vary with each individual use. The appropriate use is noted on each fill description The Firm Fill and X Firm Fill will work in most cases, however not for all. It will not, for example, be suitable for anal penetration. The XX Firm Fill is recommended for that type of use.

As always, use a condom for the protection of yourself and your parter.

• Can I mix two fills together?

We typically will not offer this option, as mixing fills together will not result in a noticeable difference in feel or firmness. The fills we offer have been pre-determined to offer a variety of firmness options.

Hand punched hair

• Should I choose Synthetic or Human Hair?

The choice to pick either synthetic or human comes down to two main factors....price and longevity. Synthetic hair is a bit more affordable, however it does not last as long as human hair. Human hair is more expensive, however it will stand the test of time. If you plan on keeping your prosthetic for a long time, then human hair is probably your best choice.

• How can I get the best match to my hair color?

The hair on your body does not always match the hair on your head...arm and leg hair can be lighter (usually from being exposed to the sun), while chest and pubic hair can be darker. We would recommend choosing a hair color that is closest to the hair in your genital area or lower abdomen. If you are trying to blend the prosthetic hair into your stomach hair then going with a color closest to that would be your best option.

• How do I take care of my hand punched hair?

Synthetic hair should be carefully brushed to avoid tangling. If washing, we recommend spraying with a warm solution of shampoo/conditioner and pat dry. Human hair can be washed with shampoo normally and rubbed dry with a towel. Brush with a wide tooth comb when finished drying.

• Will the hair pull out of the prosthetic?

The hairs are sealed into the prosthetic skin from the inside after the punching process is completed. A few stray hairs may pull out initially, but the majority of the hair will never come out.

• Why is the hair so long?

We punch longer hairs into the prosthetic so that our customers have the option of trimming the hair to a shorter length if so desired.

Please note, if you trim the hair it will void any warranty regarding the punched hair, and is not grounds for replacement if you trim it too short.

• Can I add hair after I've worn my prosthetic?

Unfortunately, no. Hair must be added during the original manufacturing process, as it must be totally free of dirt and oils in order to seal the hair into the back of the tab.

• Will adding hair change the attachment tab?

The hair punching process will slightly thicken the tab. This may negatively affect adhesion of the tab for some individuals.

• Does the area need to be shaved?

If you are adhering the product using adhesive, then we always recommend shaving or trimming very short. However, leaving hair longer above the edge of the attachment tab will help blend the hair on the prosthetic into your body, creating a very natural look.

• Can I dye the hair to a different color?

Yes, the HUMAN HAIR can be dyed. We do not recommend this if you are not a professional, as you may accidentally stain the prosthetic skin.

SYNTHETIC HAIR cannot be dyed.

Adhesive & removers

• Is the adhesive safe to use on skin?

Yes, all of our adhesives are medical grade, hypoallergenic and safe to use on skin.

We still recommend testing the adhesive on a small area box skin before applying the product, as some people may still have a reaction.

• How long can I keep the prosthetic adhered to me?

We recommend no more than 12-14 hours. Skin needs to breathe and should not be kept covered for longer than that amount of time. Remove before going to bed.

• How many uses will I get from the adhesive kit?

Our 1/2oz jar of the standard adhesive will yield approximately 10-12 applications. Our 2oz bottle will yield approximately 18-24 applications.