PACK N PLAY Products: 10-14 WEEKS

STAND TO PEE Products: 12-15 WEEKS

STP PRO Products: 14-18 WEEKS

Processing Time.

Production Time.

Shipping Time.

What the heck is the difference?

We know it's been confusing for some of you. Well, most of you. Ok, all of you. So we're going to change that and hopefully make things much easier to understand.

Let’s start with Processing Time.

It’s just a fancy term for waiting in line, so that’s what we’re gonna call it from now on. Wait Time.

The WAIT TIME is basically the time it takes from the day you place your order, until the time your product starts being made. For some of our products, like the Pack n Play models, the WAIT TIME can be anywhere from 10-14 weeks. We'll explain more about that in one of the next sections.

Production Time.

We’re gonna stick with this one. We were gonna call it Make Time, but that just sounded…wrong. Production Time it is.

The PRODUCTION TIME is the time it takes to make your product, from start to finish. For our products like the Pack n Play and Stand To Pee models, the PRODUCTION TIME is typically 14-16 business days. We'll also talk more about that a little later.

Shipping Time.

Easily confused with shipping Transit Time. Let’s explain both.

The SHIP TIME is the time it takes us to print your order, get your items ready, package them and physically hand your product to the postal carrier. This usually takes 1-4 business days, depending on the product you purchased and how busy we are.

The TRANSIT TIME is the time it takes for your package to be delivered to you once we hand it over to the shipping carrier. This will vary with each shipping service, and please keep in mind, WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL OVER THIS TIME. Once we hand your package over to whatever carrier you chose (USPS, UPS, DHL, etc), it's entirely in their control. We don't hand deliver packages (although we wish we could!).

If the package arrives later than expected, or gets lost, we had nothing to do with that, and while we'd love to help, and will do everything in our power to expedite things, we are limited in what we are able to do. We hope you understand.

Let’s Review.

Here's the sequence that everything will occur:







OK. Now, let’s talk about order numbers.

Not to be mistaken with your order ID. Confused again?

Yeah, we thought you might be. Ok. Let's make some more small changes.

Order Number?

It’s the three (3) digit number we give you when you order a Pack n Play or STP to designate how long your wait time will be at the time of purchase.

Let’s call it the Wait Time Number instead.

The WAIT TIME NUMBER is a code that tells you how long the current wait time is when you place your order (in other words, how many people are ahead of you in line). This code will also be used to figure out how long you have left at any given time during your wait.

Order ID.

This is the six (6) digit number that is generated by our shopping cart system when you checkout.

The ORDER ID is what we use to look up your order. If you call us or email us with questions about your order, this is the number you will give us so that we can find your order.

What are the Wait Times?

How do I figure out how long I have left?

We’ll show you how to figure it out. It’s very simple.

The chart below shows what your estimated WAIT TIME is (in weeks), based on the WAIT TIME NUMBER you received in your order confirmation email from us.

Current Average Wait Times:

Pack N Play Products: 10-14 WEEKS

Stand to Pee Products: 14-18 WEEKS

Here’s an example of how it works:

If your WAIT TIME NUMBER is this: 065

Then this is how long your wait time will most likely be: 7 weeks

How to figure out your current wait time.

You already placed an order a few weeks ago, and now you’re wondering how long you have left to wait.

We designed the method shown below so that you can figure out how much wait time you have left whenever you want. It's pretty darn accurate, and it's what we'll use to tell you how much time you have left. If you even need to ask us anymore, that is.

All you need are three things.


We made you a video to demonstrate how it's done: