Our FTM orders are typically not shipped immediately. We'll explain how this works. Applies to Pack and Play & STP products only.


9-11 weeks

How the process works:

Due to the unusually large number of orders we receive, we had to implement a unique way that orders are processed.  As orders are placed, you will be given a processing number.  This number will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours after your order is placed, and represents your place in line of the current number of orders.  This number will also be an indication of how many orders we currently have in process, and in turn, how long your prosthetic may take to complete.  For example:

When your number reaches the current order status (#001), the production process begins for your prosthetic, and you will be notified via email of this status.  Average production

times for prosthetics are 14-16 business days from the time you are notified of reaching this status.  Please note, that this order number does not directly pertain to your purchase, and should not be used when emailing us regarding your order.  Order numbers are reset each week once products are shipped. This order processing change was necessary to insure that our high-quality standards continue.

Please remember...we are a small company and growing, and are doing our best to bring you high quality products.  We can only create a certain number of products in a given timeframe while keeping our standards high.  Each item is individually hand-created by slowly building up many layers of varying densities of silicone in the mold, and then custom painted for each specific customer’s skin tone.  We appreciate your patience with us, and will be happy to answer any questions our customers might have before or after they place an order.  Thank you.

This is a rough estimate only! Order numbers higher than 360 may take longer than 29 weeks.  Contact us before ordering if time is an issue.

▶︎ Does order processing remain the same if I pay using your payment plan?

Yes, the order process will be the same if you place an order using our payment plan. The only difference is that you must be sure to make full payment of the balance before the product will enter into the production stage. If the balance has not been paid in full by the time your order reaches the production stage, it will not move forward with production. The order will remain in limbo until the balance has been paid in full.

▶︎ Will I be notified when my product reaches production?

Yes, once your order reaches the production stage, you will receive an email notification stating that your product has entered the production stage. We typically ask that you verify your current delivery address, as some of our customers move before the product ships. Applies to Pack n Play models only.

▶︎ How do I find out my current order status, my number in line or how much longer I have until my prosthetic is completed?

You can always email or call us to find out your current order status. Typically, we will provide you with your current order number and an estimate of how many weeks you have remaining before your order reaches the production stage.

You can also figure out how much longer you have left based on your original order number using the chart above. Simply locate your original order number above, or take your last known order number and use the estimated timeframe remaining shown next to that order number above. For example:

Original purchase date: October 1st

Original order number: #098

Estimated weeks remaining from chart above: 18-20

Current date: December 25th

Count the number of weeks from October 1st until December 25th: 12 weeks

Subtract 12 weeks from your original estimate (19-12=7)

You have approximately 7 weeks remaining until your order reaches the production stage and is completed.

Frequently asked questions:


24-26 weeks

Stand To Pee Models:

Pack n Play Models:

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Order Numbers 001-040:      3-5 weeks

Order Numbers 041-080:      6-8 weeks

Order Numbers 081-120:     9-11 weeks

Order Numbers 121-160:   12-14 weeks

Order Numbers 161-200:   15-17 weeks

Order Numbers 201-240:    18-20 weeks

Order Numbers 241-280:    21-23 weeks

Order Numbers 281-320:    24-26 weeks

Order Numbers 321-360:    27-29 weeks