We'd like to introduce all of our team members. We've been working together for so long, and have become so close, that we all think of one another as family. And some of us actually are! But aside from that, we want you to feel as though you know us as well. After all, our products are essentially a part of you, and there's a little bit of each one of us in every product. We like to think that makes you part of our family too!


JESSE (He/him)

FOUNDER / CEO. Jesse is a jack-of-all-trades. He started Reelmagik in 2001 and has had a hand in every part of it. He is head artist, photographer, graphic and web designer, sculptor, and much more. He does it all! When he's not working 80 hour weeks, you can find him at the gym or in the kitchen decorating cookies. He also enjoys nights with friends in Philly! #letsgogirls #quesoislife

ERIN (She/her)

SHOP MANAGER / PNP COLORATION ARTIST / CUSTOMER RELATIONS. Erin joined the team in 2016. She runs the day to day inner workings of the shop, while flawlessly painting large batches of products. Her skills as an artist, as well as a manager make her the perfect fit for the job! When she's not solving problems here at work, she's busy being a super mom, browsing through Target, or spending too much time on Pinterest. Bring her 2 cold brews with cream from Dunkin and she’ll luv you for life! #erinhasadog

DAVID (He/him)

PNP CASTING ARTIST. David has been with us since 2009. Besides being Jesse's brother, he is a talented sculptor and artist, and has been involved in the creation of a number of products. His love and talent for music creation keeps him busy when he's not working. You can also find him gaming online or watching anime!

JOSH (He/him)

STP COLORATION ARTIST. Josh started with us back in 2017 after graduating from Tyler School Of Art in 2014. When he's not busy painting huge batches of STP's or making the entire shop laugh hysterically, you can find him at home playing with the dogs, or out at the park catching Pokemon. #itiswednesdaymydudes

ALEAH (She/her)

MASTER SCULPTOR / SILICONE CASTING / STP COLORATION ARTIST. Aleah does a little of everything for us here at Reelmagik! In 2018 she started by making basic packers and taking inventory, then learned mold making, hair punching, painting products, and is now our lead sculptor! Aleah is an amazing, hardworking mother, as well as an accomplished burlesque performer and model! She’s either in Disney, designing costumes, knitting or at Target! #itsfrickinbats

KATIE (She/her)

SILICONE CASTING ARTIST / STP COLORATION ARTIST. Kaite does a little of everything for us here at Reelmagik! In 2020 she started by making basic packers and taking inventory, then learned hair punching and now has started casting PNPs!

DEE (She/her)

SILICONE CASTING ARTIST. Reelmagik was lucky to have Dee join our team part-time in 2017. From making packers, testicles or color samples, she does it all! A true team player, she is ready to jump in wherever she is needed. While we wish she could be here more often, her talent as a musician keeps her very busy! A true rockstar, her band Chestnut Grove has too many hit tracks to name and their popularity has her in the studio or on the road all too often. #deeznutz

TERESA "TT" (she/her)

HAIR PUNCHING ARTIST. Teresa joined our team in August of 2021 and is now our top hair artist! She is recently a proud mama, and spend most of her off time taking care of her little one, as well as being super crafty. Needle felting is one of her hobbies, but she also loves creating all types of art!

Heaven (She/her)

OFFICE / SHIPPING / CUSTOMER SERVICE. Heaven is one of two office team members! She is in charge of shipping, emails, customer service and all office shenanigans!

DAN (He/him)

PRODUCT TESTER / CONSULTANT. While he still prefers to remain stealth, Dan was there for the original product's inception. He has helped test products and has offered insight and advice regarding many of the products we've developed. We thank him for all he has done, and our "top hats" off to him for staying strong throughout his journey.



REELMAGIK, LLC, as you know it today, was founded in 2008 and is located just outside of Reading, Pennsylvania. REELMAGIK PROSTHETICS is a company that was built on quality and realism, driven by the ingenuity & artistry of its staff, and one which thrives on the satisfaction of its customers. Reelmagik is owned and operated fully by LGBTQ individuals & allies.

The company origins were based in film and tv (hence the film "reel" in Reelmagik). Realized in 2001, REELMAGIK focused mainly on special effects for the film and tv industry. In 2008, we shifted our focus to mainly makeup effects and silicone prosthetics, and soon after, "transitioned" into the Transmasc-centric store as it is today.

Reelmagik LLC, is owned and operated by Jesse. Many of our employees and artists are close friends and family. Jesse founded the company, and is the creator of many of the unique techniques applied to the prosthetics in the store. He is also a master painter and sculpted most of the original products.


In late September of 2009, Dan, who is a longtime friend of Jesse's (and happens to be transmasc, female to male transgender), came to us and posed us with a challenge. He asked if we would be able to create an extremely realistic looking and feeling prosthetic penis for himself and the transmasc community. Confident we would be able to create something far more advanced than what was currently available, we accepted the challenge and got to work experimenting with various materials and methods. We pioneered new techniques that had not yet been done in the trans prosthetic industry (multi-layered movable silicone prosthetic skin, free-floating movable testicles in a liquid silicone gel), as well as created new product features that did not yet exist (the Flex Rod). These incredible and innovative features we imagined have since become standard in the prosthetic industry. We also applied and improved silicone painting techniques to create an ultra-realistic translucent skin. The resulting product, while pale in comparison to the prosthetics we have introduced since, was a major improvement over current offerings in the trans community. Dan was thrilled with the product, and encouraged us to offer it to the rest of the trans community. Taking his advice, we began offering the product in our special effects makeup store, and has since become one of many amazing popular models available in our prosthetic lineup.

In closing, we would like to thank our employees and artists for all their hard work and dedication. We also thank each and every one of our customers. Without you, REELMAGIK would not have become what it is today.