payment plan graphic showing installemnts with no interest

Payment Plans

We have them.

Pay what you want, when you want

It’s your call.

We've had Payment Plans for quite some time, and we've made it even easier! We've incorporated a Payment Plan option into our checkout process, so now all you need to do is build your order as usual, and select the Payment Plan option during chekcout. No need to screenshot your order, send emails, or even call us. We'll receive your order and create a custom invoice just for you.

How does it work?

Our Payment Plan is very similar to LAYAWAY. The order will enter into production once the balance of the Payment Plan has been paid in full. We'll take you through the simple steps in order to get your order into the wait line using our Payment Plan.

Here's How

Just go shopping.
Add products to your cart as you normally would, there's no special process you need to follow. Once your finished shopping, open up your bag and click on CHECKOUT.

Select Payment Plan.
We built the Payment Plan into our shopping cart software, so all you have to do is select that option during checkout. We'll receive your order and be notifed that you chose our Payment Plan option.

Are there any fees or interest?
We charge a small fee of $35 to use the Payment Plan option, however we don't charge any interest.

Is a deposit required?
We require a non-refundable deposit of only $100 to get your order into the wait line. The deposit is subtracted from your total order cost. We'll send you an invoice after we receive your order. Once you make the payment (easily done using the invoice link we email you), your order will be entered into the Wait Line.


How much do I have to pay each month?
WHATEVER YOU WANT. We don't have any minimum requirements on the amount or frequency of the payments. You can make payments at any time and in any amount (using that same invoice link we sent you) until your order has been paid off. It's just that easy!

When will my order ship?
Your order will enter into production once the entire balance has been paid off, and will ship once it has been completed. This will happen as long as two things have occurred:

•Your order has reached #001 in the Wait Line.
•Your order has been paid in full.

*If your order reaches the #001 spot in the Wait Line, but it has not yet been paid off, it will not enter into production. Once you pay the balance in full, we'll get your order into the very next batch of orders being created. Batches typically run every two weeks.

**If the initial $100.00 deposit is not made within 30 days of placing your order, the payment plan (order) will be cancelled! You will need to re-purchase your order if the deposit is not made within the specified timeframe.