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Warranty, Repairs & Replacements


• Will all damages be covered under the warranty?

Not necessarily. Damages covered will be determined by our repair claim staff after performing a visual inspection of the prosthetic.

Damages caused by excessive rough use or play will not be covered. Products used for play are done so at the risk of the customer, and may cause the warranty to be voided. Using the product in a manner not described on this site may also be cause for voiding of warranty. Using the product in a harness not approved for use with our prosthetics may also void warranty. View the WARRANTY INFO Page for details.

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• What should I do if I find a small hole, tear or air bubble that has burst?

DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY! Never continue to use a product that has a hole or tear...continued use may cause possible further damage and may void your warranty. The majority of damage can be repaired if caught early and corrected. Contact us immediately via our FILE A CLAIM Page and report the damage, including photos of the damage and a detailed description. We will typically respond within 48 hours.

• Can I add multiple warranties to a product?

No, warranties are limited to ONE per product. Adding multiple warranties will not extend your warranty past the two year limit.


• How long do repairs take?

Each type of repair may vary in repair time, however we do our best to have repairs completed within 5-7 business days.

•How much will a repair cost?

Some repairs may be covered under your warranty, but will vary with each plan. We try to keep repair costs as low as possible for our customers, however keep in mind it can be just as much work to repair damage to a product as it was to originally create it. We'll give you an estimate once you file a claim.

• Will I have to pay for shipping?

If you product is covered under the warranty, then the answer is no.

If your product is no longer covered, or the damaged that occurred is not covered, then shipping fees may apply.

• Do I need to do anything if I'm sending a product back for repair?

CLEAN THE PRODUCT THOROUGHLY. Please remember that your product has been used and been exposed to your body. One of our team members will need to handle it to repair it. In addition to sanitary reasons, it will also need to be free of dirt and oils in order for the repairs to bond to your product.


• How can I get a replacement?

Replacement products are provided if the damage to your product is deemed to be a manufacturing defect and cannot be repaired, or if you purchased the 2 year extended warranty plan. This may vary with each case.

• How long will it take to get my replacement?

We'll do everything we can to create your replacement as quickly as we can, however typical production times will apply. In most cases this will be from 14-16 business days.

Returns & exchanges

• Do you accept returns?

Due to the nature of the product, absolutely no returns or refunds will be accepted for these items.  Each product is custom made specifically for the individual customer, and cannot be resold. A 15% cancellation fee will apply to any situations where exceptions can be made.

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• Can I exchange my product?

Due to the nature of the product, absolutely no exchanges will be accepted for our FTM Prosthetics.  Each product is custom made specifically for the individual customer, and cannot be resold.  Our Basic Packer may be exchanged or returned ONLY if the product has not been removed from its original sealed packaging. Inaccurate skin tone or hair color chosen by the customer will not be considered cause for exchange, return or refund of any product.

• Can I cancel my order?

Yes, however, any refunds given due to cancellation of an order made 30 days after the original purchase date will be subject to a 15% cancellation fee.  There will be no exceptions. FTM Prosthetic orders that have reached the production stage can not be cancelled.