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• How do I match my color?

• Basic Packer: Use the online color chart located on the Basic Packer purchase page. Simply choose the color closest to your own.

• Pack n Play / STP: We offer 22 different skin tones for our prosthetics. If none of our 22 skin tones are an exact match for you, we also offer the option of mixing any two colors to create an all new custom skin tone...this opens up the possibilities to an almost endless number, which means a greater chance of finding the perfect skin tone just for you!

You can choose a color using our online color chart, however we recommend using our painted color samples option.

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• Can I get my product wet?

Yes! All of our Transmasc products are safe to use in water. Showering, bathing, swimming in pools and in the ocean, using a hot tub...all are perfectly safe to do and will not harm your prosthetic.

• How do I clean it?

You can clean your prosthetic a number of ways. Wash with soap and water, saturate with our Cleansing Spray, and you can even boil it or toss it in the dishwasher.

• How do I choose my size?

Choosing a prosthetic size can be daunting. There are many things to consider. While we can't make the decision for you, we can offer some helpful tips to guide you:

Body size/stature as well as lifestyle, can play a part in determining which product to choose. For example, those who play sports or are physically active in their daily lives may want to consider how size of the prosthetic may affect them while engaging in those activities.

Some choose to purchase different prosthetics for different occasions...a smaller prosthetic for everyday packing, and a larger prosthetic for evening activities.

For the Basic Packer, we typically recommend the classic model if it will be used during strenuous activities, such as sports.

Basic Packer

• Can the Basic Packer be glued to my body?

No, the Basic Packer was not made to be adhered to the body.

• Can I use the Basic Packer to have sex?

No, the Basic Packer was not designed for penetration. It should never be used for that purpose.

Pack n Play

• How do I wear it?

The prosthetic can be adhered to your body using a silicone medical adhesive, or worn using a harness.

• Can I use the Pack n Play to have sex?

We have had many questions regarding the use of this product for sexual penetration. The short answer to this question is yes, at your own risk. Our pack n play prosthetics retain the ability to be used for penetration as long as a condom is used. The outer layer, sealant and matte finish consist of a high quality 100% platinum, healthcare-grade silicone. The inner core of our products consist of a high quality 100% platinum, prosthetic-grade silicone in order to achieve the very realistic feeling “skin” of the penis and scrotum. This particular silicone is non-toxic and safe for use on skin, but was not intended for sexual penetration.  If our customers choose to use the item for penetration, the use of a condom is required, for the safety of yourself and of your partner. This will also help reduce any risk associated with sexually transmitted diseases, as well as help to keep your prosthetic clean and in good condition. Use only condoms that contain water-based lubricant, silicone lubricant will damage the prosthetic! Rough penetrative play or intense physical activity is not recommended...this may damage the prosthetic skin. Please use common sense.

• What fill option is best for me?

To figure out which one would work best for you, click on the Pack n Play link in the main menu. The Features Page provides a description of each fill.

• Why can't I combine the Flex Rod with the Pleasure Pocket?

The Flex Rod, to work correctly, needs to extend the entire length of the prosthetic. The Pleasure Pocket is inset over an inch into the prosthetic, and would interfere with the functionality of the rod.

• Can I customize the length and girth, or choose which scrotum I prefer?

No, the prosthetic dimensions and design are not able to be customized or mixed and matched. Each model has a particular mold that creates its shape.

• What's the difference between the Standard and the Enhanced Detail Coloration?

The Enhanced Detail Coloration includes extra layers of color, circumcision scarring, and added details, such as freckles, for a more realistic look. You can see the difference in these products on the Color Selection Help page.

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• Can I urinate while wearing the prosthetic?

While this products is not an STP, you can still urinate normally while wearing the product. The prosthetic does not cover the urethra, so all you need to do is sit down and lift the scrotum upward to urinate. We offer an STP product used specifically for urination. Please visit our STP section for details.

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• What is the life expectancy of the prosthetic?

Silicone is very durable, however, the life expectancy of the products will vary with each individual based on daily use and how well they are cleaned and cared for.

• How long will my prosthetic stay glued on?

Adhesion will vary with each individual based on skin type, but we recommend wearing the prosthetic for no more than 10-12 hours per day. Skin needs to breathe to stay healthy.

• My prosthetic has air bubbles in it, is this normal?

Yes, very small air bubbles are normal and will not affect performance of your prosthetic.  Bubbles larger than 1/8” in diameter could pose a problem and should be repaired.  If you receive a product that develops an air bubble larger than 1/8” within the warranty period, it will be covered.  Small air bubbles on the back of the adhesion tab are also normal, and will not negatively affect performance.

• My prosthetic does not seem to be the length that it is advertised, why?

The length of male genitalia is typically measured from the base (just below the pubic arch) to the tip of the glans.  This is how we measure our products as well...view an example of this technique at the bottom of the Features pages.  Please note that a 6” prosthetic may not result in an insertable length of 6”.

Stand to Pee

• How do I wear it?

The prosthetic can be adhered to your body using a silicone medical adhesive, or worn using a harness.

• Can I use the STP to have sex?

The standard STP was not designed for penetration.

The STP Pro, however, was designed to be used for penetration.

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Ready to ship

• How often are the Ready To Ship models updated?

We typically update the page every month, however it depends on how many models we have available. These products are typically orders that were cancelled after reaching the production stage, or models that were created with an incorrect color or feature.

Ready to Ship Page ⟩

• Were these models previously used?

No. The majority of these models are brand new, never opened products.

On occasion we may have an Open-Box item, which means the product was received by the customer and opened, but not used. We ALWAYS disclose if an item was opened on the description of the model.

• Do these products ship immediately or is there a wait time?

These products are already made and ready to be shipped. Typically they are shipped out within 2-4 business days of receiving the order. Shipping transit times may vary depending on the service chosen.

• Can I request a specific size, color, or type of model?

No, these models are already made and we do not take requests for Ready To Ship items. If you require a specific model, you can build a product using our ordering process.

• Can I return a Ready To Ship item for a refund?

No, these models are sold "as is", and are not eligible for return or refund.

• Do these products include any type of warranty? Can I add an extended warranty?

Yes, each product on the Ready To Ship page includes our standard 6 month warranty, unless otherwise noted. Defective models may include a limited warranty.

These models are not eligible for extended warranties.

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