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Explore all the amazing qualities of our Stand to Pee models.

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the back of an stp showing the no drip lip

No-Drip Lip.

Gravity Funnel Design.

Confidence you can't put a price on.

Leaks are a thing of the past.

In order to create the ultimate Stand To Pee experience, we used our knowledge and expertise of prosthetic materials and methods to create a design using a gravity-employed inner funnel system with our unique No Drip Lip™ feature. Originally released by us back in 2013, this combination of innovative features prevents urine from leaking out the back or sides of the prosthetic device, eliminating embarassing accidents or spills down the leg.

Precision crafted. Worry-free. Keep urine where it belongs.

3D Scrotum With Floating, Moveable Testicles

You have to squeeze it to believe it.

video that demonstrates moveable testicles

Another feature we introduced in our original product, each prosthetic includes a full 3D scrotum that features anatomically accurate testicles that float freely in a liquid silicone gel. Passing the grab test is a no brainer with this feature. Newly improved scrotum now even softer!

a model standing at a urinal with their stp exposed

It's All About Hue

With a Reelmagik Prosthetic.

Color Me


Nearly unlimited skin tone choices:

22 available skin tones

・Optional color mixing

Combine any two colors to create a custom color!

Simply choose any two colors during the build process and we'll use them to create your own personalized skin tone. A total of 253 possibilities!

a model holding a ring of painted color samples up to their belly

Painted Color Samples

A first in the industry, introduced in 2020, we are now offering fully painted color samples. Free of charge. Yes, you read that right, for free! Just choose any 4 skin tones and we'll ship them to you. Click the disclosure arrow below for more details.

Choosing A Color Has Never Been Easier!

Gone are the days of choosing a skin tone using just the base color of the silicone. Get an even better match using samples of the silicone that are fully painted and detailed! The painted samples reflect the actual painted product color, making it much easier to choose a color.

• Ordering: Select the Add Painted Color Samples option during the build process. Simply enter the Four tones that you feel will most closely match your skin tone. There is a Refundable Fee of $100.00, to ensure the samples are returned to us. Once the order is received, we'll ship those skin tones to you.

• Using the Samples: Hold the Painted Side to either your lower abdomen or inner thigh. Choose the one that most closely matches your own skin color. If you are having trouble deciding, select the two closest and we can mix those two colors together to create a custom color match for you!

• Returning the Samples: Simply use the included envelope and return label to ship the samples back to us within 30 days. Once we receive them, we'll refund the cost of the samples back to you.* It's that easy!

*shipping fee not refundable.

a model exposing an uncut pack n play inside of briefs


Detail to the Max.

Show your true colors.

highly detailed pack n play models

All of our ftm prosthetics are painted and detailed using a highly refined technique originally pioneered for the film industry. Our improved process creates a visually stunning model of realism. Layers of color mimic the translucency found in actual skin. After the color process, we add another layer of silicone to protect and enhance, and finish it off with a matte coat for a silky, skin like appearance.

hand holding an airbrush up to detail a pack n play

Enhanced Detail Coloration

Upgrade to add a new dimension of realism to your product with our Enhanced Detail Coloration. We add additional layers of color to increase translucency. Circumcision scarring, veining, as well as freckling and texturizing put your prosthetic over the edge.

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reelmagik stp being worn in the shower


Swim. Shower. Bathe.
Hot tub it up!

non-toxic symbol

Safety is Priority

Phthalate-Free. Hypoallergenic. 100% Platinum.

Our Pack n Play and Stand To Pee products are created using a combination of Healthcare-Grade and Prosthetic-Grade silicones. These silicones are high quality 100% Platinum Silicones, and are free of harmful Phthalates. They are completely non-toxic, safe for use on skin, as well as Hypoallergenic. The gel used for many of the inner layers, including the scrotum fill, is also platinum based and completely safe for skin contact.

pack n play sitting in a dishwasher demonstrating easy cleaning

Easy to Clean

Making sure your Stand to Pee is free of dirt and bacteria is good practice.

Luckily it's not that difficult.

Wash it with soap and water, spray it down with our Cleansing Spray, or just toss it in your dishwasher with the daily load.

Yes, you can do that!

warranty shield icon


Relax, You’re Covered.

Each Stand To Pee product includes our standard 6 month warranty, with the option to purchase an extended warranty of up to 2 years. The standard warranty covers tears, coloration issues, and any other minor defects that may have been caused due to a manufacturing error. Repair or replacement of product is included.

Life is messy and accidents happen. Upgrade to have even more coverage!

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model hands opening a reelmagik product box

Discreet Shipping

Round and round it goes.
What’s in the box? Nobody knows.

USPS • FedEx • UPS • DHL

Each product is shipped in a plain box with no identifying descriptions or photos. Only your delivery address and our business address is listed on the label. Despite the bland exterior, once you open the outer box you'll find a pleasant surprise waiting inside. Each of our Pack n Play & Stand To Pee prosthetics are sent in a sturdy box that adorns our company logo to store them in.

video that demonstrates unboxing of a product

Included, Just For You

Here's what else is inside.

Each product is sealed inside air-tight plastic, and includes the following accessories:

• Instruction Pamphlet
How exactly do I apply the prosthetic? How can I clean it after each use? Our handy pamphlet answers those questions and more!

• Cleansing Spray
All of our Pack n Play and Stand To Pee prosthetics include a free 2oz bottle of our Cleansing Spray.

• Notice Of Attention
This bright orange slip of paper is placed inside your package, on the top of everything else so you can't miss it. We know you're excited, but please take some time to read it before opening your prosthetic. It's important.

• Cleansing Spray
All of our Pack n Play and Stand To Pee prosthetics include a free 2oz bottle of ourCleansing Spray.

• Notice Of Attention
This bright orange slip of paper is placed inside your package, on the top of everyting else so you can't miss it. We know you're excited, but please take some time to read it before opening your prosthetic. It's important.

reelmagik payment plan calendar graphic

Payment Plans

Pay What You Want, When You Want.

We've had Payment Plans for quite some time, and now we're making it even easier! We've incorporated a Payment Plan option into our checkout process, so now all you need to do is build your order as usual, and select the Payment Plan option during chekcout. No need to screenshot your order, send emails, or even call us. We'll receive your order and create a custom invoice just for you.

How does it work?

We're glad you asked! Our Payment Plan requires a small non-refundable deposit to get your order into the wait line. Once you make the payment (easily done using the invoice link we email you), you can make payments at any time and in any amount (using that same invoice link) until your order has been paid off. It's just that easy.

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clock icon demonstrating wait time

Wait Time

Current estimate wait time: 12-15 Weeks

That's the time it takes to process and complete your product once we receive your order. It does seem like a long time, but let us provide a little information about our process. Our products don't come off of an assembly line, like many might assume. Each product is hand made and hand painted by artists in our shop. We take our time and make sure each step is done correctly, and is made to look and feel as realistic as possible. Creating a prosthetic can take 16 business days or more, depending on the options added during the build process.

If it takes 2-4 weeks to make, Why do I have to wait up to 15 weeks?

Unfortunately, or should we say fortunately, we receive a plethora of new orders all year long. We are a small, family owned LGBTQ company, and are only able to create so many products each week. Despite adding some new artists to our small team, we still continue to battle to get ahead. We hope our customers understand and appreciate the hard work, time and love we are putting into each and every product!

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pack n play with illustrations that demonstrate how to measure the product

Size Matters

How are the prosthetics measured?

Many of our customers have requested a visual representation of how we measure our products. Our prosthetic's length are determined using the most common method (bone pressed method). The shaft is measured from the pubic bone arch to the tip of the penis (glans). This method was chosen as it represents the standard in the medical field when measuring genitals. Please note that the actual measurement of the chosen product may not represent the insertable length used for penetration. Insertable length is measured from where the scrotum meets the underside of the shaft, to the tip of the penis (glans). Please view the product details on each product section for insertable length.

The product displayed in the example is our 5" uncut STP, with an insertable length of 4.5".

PRO TIP: The average erect penis is just over 5" in length. The average girth of an erect penis is about 4.5".

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