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*None of the models on this page include Pro features, such as movable skin or hand punched hair. These features CANNOT be added to any models on this page. Any orders with additions other than what is listed above will be cancelled and refunded immediately.

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NEW Even Softer Formula!
• Made Using 100% Platinum Silicone
• Gravity Funnel Design
• No-Drip Lip
• Soft 3D Scrotum With Floating, Moveable Testicles
• Hyper-Realistic Detail
• 6 Month Warranty

Ahead of it's time, the original STP was released with a unique and innovative design. Touting features such as the gravity funnel and the no-drip lip, it was the first of it's kind, and continues to be the number one choice for STP users today.

Now featuring an all new even softer silicone material for a much more realistic feel!

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Model of color wearing stp in shower
Waterproof Design
Model aiming stp at urinal
Easy to Use
Stp with water flowing out to demonstrate high flow volume
Increased Flow Rate
Stp model with no drip lip being featured
No-Drip Lip

3.5" Circumcised Model

Starting at $449.00

4" Circumcised Model

Starting at $469.00

4" Uncircumcised Model

Starting at $469.00

5" Circumcised Model

Starting at $569.00

5" Uncircumcised Model

Starting at $569.00

6" Circumcised Model

Starting at $599.00

6" Uncircumcised Model

Starting at $599.00