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Order Status

From Processing to Shipping.


Simply a term for waiting in line.

Also known as the Wait Time, this is the time it takes from the day you place your order, until the time your product starts being made. For some of our products, like the Pack n Play models, the Wait Time can be anywhere from 8-24 weeks. We'll explain more about that in one of the sections below.


We begin making your product.

When your product enters Casting, or Production, the artist has begun creating your product out of silicone. With our higher end models, such as our Pack n Plays, this process can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. We'll also talk more about that a little later.


The painting of your product begins.

Once your prosthetic has been casted, thoroughly cleaned and prepped, the process of adding layers of coloration to your product begins. This process can take from 1-2 weeks, depending on factors such as the level of detail you selected.

If your product includes Hand-Punched Hair, this can add another 3-5 days to the timeframe.

Quality Check

Every product must pass.

Your product will undergo a series of final checks to make sure it meets our standards. If anything does not measure up, it will be rejected, and you will be notified immediately.


Your product has been packaged and shipped out.

Once you receive this status update, it means a label has been created for your package, and is scheduled to be picked up by your chosen carrier service for shipment to you. This typically takes place within 24 hours.

Transit Time

The time it takes for your package to be delivered.

This will vary with each shipping service, and please keep in mind, we have absolutely no control over this time. Once we hand your package over to whatever carrier you chose (USPS, UPS, DHL, etc), it's entirely in their control. We don't hand deliver packages (although we wish we could!).

If your package arrives later than expected or gets lost due to circumstances beyond our control, we will do everything in our power to assist, however we are limited in what we are able to do. We hope you understand.

Let's Review.

Here's the sequence that everything will occur:









Let's Talk Numbers

Wait Time Numbers & Order ID.

Wait Time Number

This is a three (3) digit number.

It’s the number we give you when you order a Pack n Play or STP to designate how long your wait time is estimated to be at the time of purchase.

It also tells you how many people are ahead of you in line. This code will be used to figure out how long you have left at any given time during your wait.

Order ID

This is a six (6) digit number.

It’s the number that is generated by our shopping cart system when you checkout.

The Order ID is what we use to look up your order. If you call or email us with questions about your order, or need to make changes, this is the number you will give us so that we can find your order.

What are the Wait Times?

Below is a chart that gives estimated wait times that correlate with your Wait Time number.

Here's an example of how it works:

If your Wait Time Number is this: 065

Then this is how long your wait time will most likely be: 7 weeks

How to figure out your current wait time.

You already placed an order a few weeks ago, and now you're wondering how long you have left to wait.

We designed the method shown below so that you can figure out how much wait time you have left whenever you want. It's pretty darn accurate, and it's what we'll use to tell you how much time you have left.

All you need are three things:

A Calendar. Your Order Date. Your Estimated Wait Time.

We made you a video to demonstrate how it's done: