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Model wearing nipple prosthetics from reelmagik

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Why Reelmagik?

We've got a few reasons we'd like to share with you:

quality of reelmagik


artistry of reelmagik


functionality of our products


variety of options that we offer


our promise to you as a customer


customer service is our top priority


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Start with only the best...
We source the finest quality platinum silicones, both Prosthetic Grade and Healthcare Grade, to create our products. A unique, extremely soft silicone comprises our outer skin layers for an ultra realistic feel.

That Reel Feel...
We devised a multi-layered design that stacks several layers of silicone and gel in varying densities that emulates the feeling of actual skin. Our scrotum is filled with a semi-liquid gel, along with two firmer silicone testicles, which can be moved freely about inside, creating the ultimate realistic prosthetic.

Photo finish...
Using techniques we borrowed from our days of special FX make-up, we devised a "camera-ready" hyper-realistic painting method. Our products are then finish-coated with a unique Medical Grade matte sealer, protecting the coloration and leaving the outer skin feeling silky smooth!

Reelmagik artist sculpting a prosthetic in clay


The art of the sculpt...
We hand-sculpt every product we offer. Each prosthetic begins as a block of clay, which is then meticulously sculpted by one of our artists into a work of art. Every vein, pore and skin fold is created with care.

Let us clay...
We employ only the best sculptors who use innovative techniques to achieve extremely life-like skin textures. Aleah, our current head sculptor, has unlocked a myriad of skills when it comes to mastering the manipulation of clay.

Stay ahead of the game...
We strive to improve each new generation of products in realism, and continue to train new talent to stay competitive.

An inferiority complex...
Other companies use body castings, whereas we can refine and create every product to our exact specifications to meet the needs of the function and design.

Flex rod coiled up


Work hard, play harder...
We put just as much time, effort and research into how our products function as we do with how they look and feel. After multiple iterations of Flex Rods™️ (both metal and plastic), and hours of testing, we ultimately chose the one that worked ideally in almost every situation. Whether traveling through an airport, or staying at home for an evening of fun, we've got you covered!

Ur-ine control...
We are proud to say that after 12 years and countless 5-star reviews, we still lay claim to having the best-functioning Stand To Pee design. From our unique gravity funnel system, to our patented No-Drip Lip™️, our STP has outperformed any other it's put up against. Our more recent STPpro has broken even our own records in regard to volume of urine flow as well as accident-free usage. Take charge of your restroom experience!

Hair and color samples laid out in circles


To cut, or not to cut...
Variety is the spice of life. We understand that people from all over the world use our prosthetics, and customs vary from location to location...which is why we provide a circumcised AND an uncircumcised version of each sized product.

A size for everyone...
We offer product sizes in every half-inch, beginning with 2", all the way up to 10"!

A rainbow of possibilities...
We offer more skin colors than any competitor...253 to be exact! Not to mention the number of hair choices available.

Game, set, match...
Our painted color samples have been a game-changer...making personal, accurate color matching easier than ever!

Promise icon

Our Promise

From our hearts to yours...
We guarantee each and every product we ship. If you have an issue, we'll do our best to correct it as quickly as we can. That's our promise to you.

A firm sense of security...
We provide a 6 month warranty with every Pack n Play and STP, with the option to upgrade to a 1 year OR 2 year warranty. We even offer a free replacement (with our 2 year plan) if your product is defective or is damaged within the 2 year warranty period!

We understand how personal and important your product is to you, which is why we offer repairs on any product we have sold, regardless of when it was purchased.

No competitor matches that level of security.

Smiling customer service rep on phone in the office

Customer Service

The help you need...
We have always strived to be the best when it comes to customer service. Our team consists of several persons that take on a multitude of customer service responsibilities.

Time is of no consequence...
Heaven, our office manager, goes above & beyond when it comes to taking the time to answer calls, respond to emails and tackling any questions or issues you might have. Just take a look at some of our reviews, as she is mentioned on numerous occasions. Way to go, Heaven!

5" Uncut PNP Model with Hair

4" Uncut STP Model

4" Uncut PNP Model

4" Cut PNP Model

5" Uncut PNP Model with Hair

4" Cut PNP Model

3" Cut Natural PNP Model

4" Uncut PNP Model

7" Cut PNP Model

8" Uncut PNP Model

See what our customers are saying about our products:

STP Pro 6" Cut

Yes I am happy with my order this is the second one I purchased. And it most likely will not be the last.

Christian L. 1/19/24

STP 6" Cut

I love my new STP! I bought it as a backup to my STP Pro. I am so paranoid that something will happen to it, and I can't imagine my life without a Reelmagik, so this one is my backup. I've spent so much money in the past trying all of the STPs out there, and that has proven to be a waste; none work as well or have the quality of a Reelmagik. I am able to use a urinal every time I try. It also looks so well that I have zero dysphoria. You truly are changing lives and making such a great quality product! Thank you again, and I can't say enough good things about your company, customer service, and products!

Spencer H. 12/01/23

Medium Imprint

I absolutely love my Imprint. Got it specifically for the gym, which it's perfect for (feel so confident lying back on the bench press or doing some deep squats), but it's also quickly becoming my favourite daily driver. The peace of mind knowing it can't get out of position and end up giving me an embarrassing boner bulge, especially in gym shorts, is great. I also love how light and comfortable it is. Quality and affordable. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks guys!

Bryn J. 11/14/23

STP Pro 6" Cut

I really like this product. It makes me happy just knowing that I own it even when I'm not wearing it to be honest. My only issue is that the end of it where the head is feels a little firm for packing, so sometimes I feel like I look bricked up. It might be because I'm not very tall or wide or anything. That being said I don't really have a great idea of what penises typically feel like when flaccid so maybe it's normal. I really like the skin tone and everything, which was something I was a little worried about because I didn't order a sample. Still, it matches me almost perfectly. The only thing I would ask for for myself is that the skin is almost too realistic, lol. I don't have a lot of freckles or anything so seeing so much detail feels kind of weird. I do like it, it's just that I'm super pale and soft looking personally ahaha. Finally, I wanted to add that I'm really excited to use it more in general, especially with the other features. Again, I love this product and I'm so thankful I got it. Tyvm :-)

Darby L. 11/9/23

Pack n Play 4.5" Cut

It looks fantastic, and so realistic. The only critique would be, my personal preference is smaller balls and a larger penis head size. Great quality work thank you for having this business

KC B. 8/20/23

Pack n Play 4.5" Cut

Incredible work as always! The true test was that I used this model (pack-n-play flaccid) during a recent round trip flight, and got patted down by TSA before both flights. Fortunately the quality is so realistic that after getting patted down by the male TSA agents, I was able to proceed with my flights without any further delays. I hadn’t flown since prior to medically transitioning. I had the confidence of knowing that I have such a high quality packer, that dysphoria was not a problem at all. With the group of friends I traveled with, I was able to remain stealth and never had to out myself which was a HUGE relief. 10/10!!

Bernard W. 8/02/23

Basic Packer 5" Uncut

Did great peeps! Exactly what I was looking for , nice size, feels good in my pants, gives me the look I was going for!

Joshua S. 4/18/23

Basic Packer 2.25" Cut

I'm really happy with my purchase. The packer is great and everything went well! I'll order from you next time too. I have struggled finding a packer for everyday use and this is a really good one! So thank you! :)

Adam K. 12/7/22

STP Pro 6" Cut

"I was a bit skeptical at first, due to the price, but guys!!! You did amazing! I've never had an easier experience with "practice" time. The realistic definition, the paint, squishy scrotum.. on point! I love what you all do for our community, and am happy I chose to purchase from your company, your customer service is impeccable! I look forward to future purchases with you all! Thank you for this opportunity to give feedback. I hope everyone has an amazing day!"

Shayden J. 11/11/22

Adhesive: Extra Strength

"Always an excellent product and awesome customer service!"

Stefan M. 10/19/22

Pack n Play 7" Cut

"Everything was perfect. The details were on point . Everything was amazing! Communication with the company was great. They were very attentive to everything. Customer service was a 10/10. Thank you so much!!!!"

Yisreall R. 10/14/22

Pack n Play 7.5" Uncut

"Exceptional Artistry how real it feels I'm told and visually approved by doctors. Thanks!"

Tiger W. 9/27/22

Pack n Play 6" Cut

"It was much thicker than I expected but overall good quality pack n play."

Stefan W. 9/16/22

STP Pro 6" Cut

"I am absolutely 💯 happy with my purchase. If I had to give it a rating from 1 -10 , I would give it a above and beyond a 10. I only have one complaint and that is the hair was more orange then brown but I took care of that. I finally feel more comfortable and complete. I will definitely turn to Reelmagik for my purchasing due to the quality of the work that is done."

Trace E. 9/16/22

STP 4" Cut

"It is amazing!!! I've only ever tried one other STP and had mixed success with it. I definitely didn't trust the previous one enough to use in public regularly. I've already used this in stalls and look forward to using it at a public urinal as soon as I get more familiar with it. It is also really comfortable to wear and stays in place with just tight briefs for me. Thank you for creating such an amazing product!!"

Daryn B. 8/25/22

Basic Packer 4.5" Cut

"Hey reelmagik team! Just wanted to let y’all know that my most recent purchase was, as always, amazing! My partner is ftm and we’ve been shopping around for packers/STPs but have always come back to your products because of the quality and durability. He now has two packers and definitely plans on getting an STP from you in the future. Thanks so much and keep doing what you’re doing!"

Ellis C. 8/20/22

STP Pro 6" Cut

This is the second model I've purchased from Reelmagik, the first being the stpPetite. Every minor complaint and issue I had with the stpPetite has been solved with the stpPRO. I was a bit worried about the size, but it's been absolutely perfect. My issues with the petite were: too rigid to wear in certain pants, sacrifices balls for reservoir, only works well with specific harnesses. All that said, I still LOVED my petite model, it was easily the best stp I'd ever used and still worked well in most situations. This is the most comfortable, most reliable prosthetic I've ever used. I've only spilled once, and I was legitimately trying to spill, just to see if I could. As long as I tuck the silicone flap in, it pees perfectly every time. I typically wear the PRO in a peecock miracle jockstrap harness, a rodeoh stp harness, or a sam stp harness with a normal jockstrap on top to keep the shaft gently pressed against the balls, which makes it pack absolutely perfectly. I've never had issues with it looking like a boner--in just underwear or tight swim trunks I just look well-hung, which is no issue at all. It's skyrocketed my confidence and opened doors for me to do things I'd never thought I'd be able to do. I have the confidence to pee in urinals every time (I'm not even pee shy anymore!), and I feel like I could go to the pool or a mens' locker room and not even think twice. Thank you so much for making this product. I'm so glad I was able to purchase and use it, and it has legitimately changed my life for so much good. All that to say: 5 stars! 10 stars! Maximum stars!

Felix P. 5/25/22

STP Pro 6" Uncut

My rating: 10/10. I absolutely love this STP. I’ll start of with the realism and packing. It looks amazing— fantastic detail, down to the shading and freckles. It looks and feels like an extension of my body. I feel like this would pass even under close scrutiny. The quality is excellent. It feels sturdy and durable, and the only color fading I’ve noticed has been minimal and on either side of the testes where they touch my inner thighs (and this is despite daily wear and being quite active). The color has held up better than any other STP I’ve used so far. It’s comfortable to pack as well— I bike to work daily, and can do so comfortably with the Pro. I wear it with a jock-strap style harness, and it stays in place just as it should. I have the STP petit, and the shaft on the Pro is softer and more flexible and compressible than the petit which I personally find more comfortable for packing. The foreskin is movable and soft just as described, and feels very realistic. The testes have the same realism, and are a reasonable size for packing and akin to those on the petit. I’m 5’7, and the Pro creates a realistic bulge. As for the STP function, this works perfectly. I would occasionally have overflow issues with the petit, but enlargement of the funnel on the Pro seems to have fixed this issue. The length of the Pro is perfect for me— I found that I sometimes had difficulty orienting the petit under my urethra and still being able to clear my jeans, but this has not been an issue with the pro. It does what it’s designed to do, and looks great doing it. "Thank you for such an amazing product! I’ve just put in an order for the flex insert rod and I’m very excited to try it when it arrives. Feel free to share this review if you would like."

Elizabeth F. 5/15/22

Painted Color Samples

"Was satisfied to find almost an exact color match for myself, and felt a lot more secure in ordering a prosthetic after knowing it'd match me well! Wait was a little long but it's understandable considering they have to rely on other customers shipping the samples back in a timely manner. Got my refund a few days after shipping them back out to the company!"

Samson H.

STP 5" Uncut

"Excellent product. Only negatives are price and wait time, which is understandable given the size of the operation. Y'all are doing god's work 🙏"

Blake P.

Pack n Play 4.5" Cut

"Hey Reelmagik team! The prosthetic is absolutely amazing and I can’t believe how realistic it looks, feels and how comfortable the piece is in general. Thank you for being amazing!"

Kaila P.

Pack n Play 6.25" Uncut

"Hi y'all! Thank you guys so much for making this prosthetic for me! It's incredibly realistic, albeit much bigger than I assumed 6.25" would be lol. It makes me incredibly happy just wearing it around the house and feeling comfortable, as I haven't really gotten the nerve to wear it out in public yet (I have a pretty unhideable chest). But I absolutely adore it! And it matches my skin tone perfectly :)"

Vanilla B.

STP 5" Uncut

"Hands down the best and last STP I’ve tried and I have tried A TON. This was by far the most expensive one I have tried and that’s the reason I waited, I tried the cheaper ones first. The saying is “you get what you pay for” and that holds true here. It works flawlessly for me after a few tries but it didn’t take long to master. My wife’s family has no idea about my trans status and I can just go over the side of the boat like the guys in her family now when we’re all fishing together or pick a tree when we’re camping together without suspicion. I wish I hadn’t waited so long and bought this sooner! Thanks!"

Jayson R.

STP 5" Cut

"The only thing I don't like is the tab is a little too big, other than that it's great. Looks great and very easy to use. Thank you."

Riley S.

Pack n Play 4.5" Cut

"Positives: I couldn't be happier with the product. It genuinely removes all of my bottom dysphoria. The product seems to match the temperature of the rest of my body within a few minutes of wearing, and as a result it feels like it's actually a part of me. If I feel it against my leg, it feels like it's actually my body part, and that relieves my dysphoria. It feels like skin and has the proper weight. Furthermore, the technology on the back allows the stuff that I'm actually equipped with to move whenever the shaft or scrotum of the packer itself moves, so my brain is tricked into thinking that I actually have the whole package. It's overall very reassuring to have. It pretty much matched my expectations perfectly. I got hand-punched hair, and I'm able to style it so that you cannot see the adhesive tab when viewed from the front. Negatives: There aren't any real negatives, but I will mention that *I* can still see the adhesive tab from above no matter how I style the hair. This is to be expected, because it's another layer of stuff over my skin. When I received the packer, the balls were harder than I was expecting them to be. This doesn't inhibit the comfort that it brings, but it's good to know that the scrotum in general seems to be a much thicker consistency than a cis man's scrotum. I think that this is by design, although it's also possible that it is an error caused by the fact that the packer was shipped while it was snowing heavily where I am, and the packer itself was left out in the cold for a while before I could get it. I think that it makes sense for the testicles and scrotum to be denser than they would be organically because it likely makes the packer more durable, but this is something to note. Other: Packing with a prosthetic is significantly different than packing with a different kind of packer. I ordered a packer that was on the smaller side of things (4.5") because my 3" Mr. Limpy already looked massive due to the way that I was wearing it. I've found that with the actual packer adhered to the proper location on my body, however, it doesn't create a large bulge at all and I could easily have gone up a few inches. This is just something to note for anybody who may be considering ordering, as if it were affordable I would definitely order another packer two sizes up."

K. K.

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