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Meet STPpro.

Years in the making, we borrowed the best elements from our Pack n Play products, and combined them with the innovative features from our original STP. The gravity funnel has been improved and enlarged to provide a flow of immense proportion. To top it off, we created a multi-faceted penetration insert that we’ve coined the “Magik Wand”. With interchangeable attachments and a number of add on features, it’s the most flexible insert ever created.

Movable shaft skin.

Unheard of in an STP. We’re proud to be the first.

Hand punched hair.

It’s never been done before.

Until now.


The highest rate of urine flow in an STP. Anywhere.

Welcome to the Dream Stream.

Introducing the Magik Wand.

A versatile insert designed to perform in any situation.

Pop on a Magic Touch Topper to any insert to increase your pleasure in the experience.

Let's take a closer look at those amazing new features.

Movable Shaft Skin.

A feature designed originally for our Pack n Play models. The soft outer skin on the shaft can be pulled or stretched upward, independent from the core of the shaft, for a much more realistic look and feel. This feature mimics human skin, and is a must on prosthetics designed to emulate a part of the body.

This feature is included on all of our Pro models.

Get ready to flex.

We’ve got the only STP on the market with this many bragging rights…but words can only say so much. Let’s see this magik moveable skin in action!

The balls (are) in your court.

So to speak.

Floating, Movable Testicles.

We’ve always offered this feature in our high-end products, and we’re happy to continue the tradition. To create a more realistic prosthetic, we fill the scrotum with a liquid gel and two firmer silicone testicles. The testicles are free to float and move around, mimicking a natural scrotum.

This feature is included on all of our Standard and Pro models.

Ex-squeeze me?

Another feature you’ve got to squeeze to believe…take a look at the video we created to get a better feel for this feature.

Hair we go again.

With another amazing feature of course.

Hand Punched Hair.

Another option unique to our line of Pack n Play prosthetics, is now available for the first time on an STP!

Our skilled artisans individually hand punch hairs into the skin of our prosthetics, feathering the edges to create a more natural hair line, and is then permanently sealed into the product. The hair extends past the edge of the tab for a seamless blend into your own body. Leave the hair on your lower belly a bit longer for an ever more realistic melding.

This feature is optional on all of our Pro models.

Do you believe in magik?

You will.

The Magik Wand.

With Magik Touch.

All new! For the first time ever, we are offering a set of unique pleasure inserts, custom designed for our STP pro model.

Flex Rod technology, along with an all new hollow core / funnel system combo allows for urination & play without having to remove anything! An additional simple solid rubber insert & interchangeable textured soft silicone Magik Touch Toppers provide a multitude of options.

Read more below for details.

Magik Touch Toppers.

To create the ultimate Pleasure Insert System, we developed a number of interchangeable soft silicone "Toppers". Choose from varying textures and sensitivity levels. When combined with our Magik Wand "body" they create a perfect meld of function and stimulation! Simply "pop" one off and "pop" another one on in it's place!

Back To Basics.

In addition to the Magik Wand Flex Rod, we decided to offer a standard firm rubber Pleasure Insert as well. To top it off, we built in the Magik Touch Topper system. Select from several Topper options and add or remove them depending on your mood!

Full stream ahead.


Your wildest streams come true.

We managed to get the highest rate of flow ever through the STPpro. When designing the new model, we wanted to focus equally on functionality as well as appearance. This led us to create a larger funnel with less taper, which even further reduces bottlenecking and overflow.

The average rate of urine flow is between 10ml and 20ml per second. With the STPpro, we were able to maintain a rate of 37.63ml per second...nearly double the national average! In comparison, our previous STP models can handle up to 23ml per second…still well above standard.

All New Funnel Design.

We increased the overall dimensions of the gravity funnel by nearly 50%, allowing for a much higher rate of flow.

Let the water-works begin.

Besides crying tears of joy, we were referring to the demo video. See for yourself just how powerful this flow is.

Plus...all the amazing features of our original STP!


Now let's get started building the perfect prosthetic just for you!