Introducing Version 2.0

You spoke. We listened. Innovative new materials and techniques all packed into our new STP and Pack n Play models. Experience the magik all over again with upgraded new models in all of our major product lines...STP, STP Pro, and Pack n Play models!

New features include:

  • Softer outer skin on all models
  • Softer and more flexible STP
  • Higher compression levels
  • Softer and more comfortable Scrotum fill
  • Higher tear strength
imprint models sitting on nightstand

A Gentle Touch

Embrace the softer side.

Our latest formula brings a revolutionary softness and flexibility to our products, both inside and out, ensuring unparalleled comfort and ease of movement.

Softer Skin: All of our major product lines benefit from this new softer formula. The outer silicone layers feel much more like actual skin, from a simple touch to a flexible stretch.

imprint models sitting on nightstand

Stretch Your Limits

Discover the ultimate flexibility.

Our enhanced, pliable formula ensures that our products move effortlessly with your body, providing unmatched comfort and adaptability. Experience a true extension of yourself as you enjoy the freedom of movement, enhanced durability, and a perfect fit every time.

Softer STP: More flexible, easier to bend, and much less rigid than or original formula. This is beneficial when maneuvering the shaft in the restroom.

Compress With Finesse

Say goodbye to hard bulges.

Our advanced formula offers exceptional compression, seamlessly molding to your body for a smooth, sleek silhouette. No more hard bulges or unwanted boners—just a perfect, comfortable fit that adapts to your every move. Experience the confidence and comfort of our superior compression technology.

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imprint models sitting on nightstand

Move With Ease

Unmatched comfort down under.

Our innovative design ensures your scrotum feels extra soft and incredibly comfortable. The realistic floating testicles provide a lifelike sensation when squeezed, enhancing the natural feel. Enjoy unparalleled comfort and confidence as our product fits seamlessly between your legs, adapting perfectly to your movements.

imprint models sitting on nightstand

Tear Less, Move More

Strength in every stretch.

Our new formula boasts enhanced tensile strength, significantly reducing the risk of tearing or breaking. Enjoy peace of mind with a product designed to endure, providing lasting durability without compromising on flexibility or comfort.

Experience the freedom to move without limits, knowing that our products are designed to withstand even the toughest challenges. Say goodbye to worries about tears and hello to unstoppable confidence with our new formula.

Firm Believers, Soft Options

Tailored comfort for every preference.

While we're introducing our softer formula, rest assured, firm believers, we haven't forgotten you! Our original formula will still be available for those who prefer a firmer product. With each major product line, we offer the choice between soft and firm, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect fit. Whether you prefer the plush embrace of softness or the sturdy support of firmness, we've got you covered.