reelmagik imprint front and back


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imprint being slid into underwear

Soft Foam Insert

Comfort amplified.

Perfect for the newbie or anyone wanting a no-hassle insert. Take it anywhere, a must for those always on-the-go. The soft nature of the Imprint makes it ideal to stash in your backpack or carry-on while traveling.

Need a break from your Pack n Play or Basic Packer? Switch them out for the Imprint when you just want to relax.

The Imprint. Always ready when you are.

Reelmagik Imprint product video

imprint with a feather sitting next ot it

Light as a Feather

Weighing in at just about one ounce, the Imprint was designed for those who prefer not to use realistically weighted packers or prosthetics.

imprint model in tight white underwear

Locker Room Ready

Strip down to those tighty whiteys.

imprint models sitting on nightstand

3 Essential Colors

Designed with simplicity in mind.

A similar concept as with our original line of Basic Packers, we offer the Imprint in 3 uniquely marbelized skin tones...light, medium and dark. Designed to be seen as a shape and tone through clothing, you only need a color vaguely similar to your own.

imprint featured in gray sweat shorts

Grey Sweats

The ultimate aphrodisiac.

model wearing imprint inside tight blue boxer briefs

Economically Priced

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Hard times have fallen on many of us. To combat this, we decided now was the right time to introduce a low-priced packing option.

Enter the Imprint. With a modest $12 starting price, our newest packing device is strikingly affordable. Even when nothing else seems to be.

imprint sitting on bathroom sink with soap bubbles dripping from it

Easy to Clean

Making sure your Imprint stays free of dirt and bacteria is good practice. Luckily, it's not that difficult.

Wash with soap & water and let fully air-dry, or mist it and wipe with our Cleansing Spray.

front and back images of the imprint

Breathing Room

We all need it at one time or another.

In addition to a small concave recess for growth, the back of our Imprints have a small circular vent right in the middle. This is where the foam material we use breathes...both for drying purposes as well as during the casting process.

No need for concern, it's supposed to be there.

imprint with mesurement guide lines

Size Matters

How are the prosthetics measured?

Many of our customers have requested a visual representation of how we measure our products. Our Imprint is measured by total length and total width only.

The product displayed in the example is our Medium Imprint, with a width of 3.5" and a length of 5".

Fun Fact: The average erect penis is just over 5" in length. The average girth of an erect penis is about 4.5".

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