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Everyone Loves a Deal.

So let us make you an offer.

Our discounted models may contain any number of small defects, some so trivial that you may not even notice, but we did. We're all about quality, so they didn't make the cut...or the uncut, whatever your preference may be.

The Details: You may find that your imprint is slightly off in color, has small air bubbles, a minor tear, or the density (firmness) may not be quite what it should be for that model. We'll let you know if any particular product has any unusually obvious defects, but most are typically unnoticable.

Shipping: No lengthy wait time! Just choose the model you want, add it to your bag and checkout. The product will typically ship within 2-4 business days.

Page is updated at random. See bottom of page for more details and frequenty asked questions.

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● How often are the defective models updated?
We typically update the page every month, however it depends on how many models we have available. These products are typically orders that were cancelled after reaching the production stage, or models that were created with an incorrect color or feature.
● Were these models previoulsy used?
No. These models are brand new, never opened products. On occasion we may have an Open-Box item, which means the product was received by the customer and opened, but not used. We ALWAYS disclose if an item was opened on the description of the model.
● Do these products ship immediately or is there a wait time?
These products are already made and ready to be shipped. Typically they are shipped out within 2-4 business days of receiving the order. Shipping transit times may vary depending on the service chosen.
● Can I request a specific size, color, or type of model?
No, these models are already made and we do not take requests for defective items. If you require a specific model, you can build a product using our ordering process.
● Can I return a defective item for a refund?
No, these models are sold "as is", and are not eligible for return or refund.
● Do these products include any type of warranty? Can I add an extended warranty?
No, these models do not include any type of warranty.