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Prosthetic Nipples

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Start with only the best...
We source the finest quality platinum silicones, both Prosthetic Grade and Healthcare Grade, to create our products. A unique, extremely soft silicone comprises our outer skin layers for an ultra realistic feel.

That Reel Feel...
We devised a multi-layered design that stacks several layers of silicone and gel in varying densities that emulates the feeling of actual skin. Our scrotum is filled with a semi-liquid gel, along with two firmer silicone testicles, which can be moved freely about inside, creating the ultimate realistic prosthetic.

Photo finish...
Using techniques we borrowed from our days of special FX make-up, we devised a "camera-ready" hyper-realistic painting method. Our products are then finish-coated with a unique Medical Grade matte sealer, protecting the coloration and leaving the outer skin feeling silky smooth!

Artist sculpting a prosthetic in clay


The art of the sculpt...
We hand-sculpt every product we offer. Each prosthetic begins as a block of clay, which is then meticulously sculpted by one of our artists into a work of art. Every vein, pore and skin fold is created with care.

Let us clay...
We employ only the best sculptors who use innovative techniques to achieve extremely life-like skin textures. Aleah, our current head sculptor, has unlocked a myriad of skills when it comes to mastering the manipulation of clay.

Stay ahead of the game...
We strive to improve each new generation of products in realism, and continue to train new talent to stay competitive.

An inferiority complex...
Other companies use body castings, whereas we can refine and create every product to our exact specifications to meet the needs of the function and design.

 Flex rod coiled up


Work hard, play harder...
We put just as much time, effort and research into how our products function as we do with how they look and feel. After multiple iterations of Flex Rods™️ (both metal and plastic), and hours of testing, we ultimately chose the one that worked ideally in almost every situation. Whether traveling through an airport, or staying at home for an evening of fun, we've got you covered!

Ur-ine control...
We are proud to say that after 12 years and countless 5-star reviews, we still lay claim to having the best-functioning Stand To Pee design. From our unique gravity funnel system, to our patented No-Drip Lip™️, our STP has outperformed any other it's put up against. Our more recent STPpro has broken even our own records in regard to volume of urine flow as well as accident-free usage. Take charge of your restroom experience!

 Hair and color samples laid out in circle


A cut above the rest...
Variety is the spice of life. We understand that people from all over the world use our prosthetics, and customs vary from location to location...which is why we provide a circumcised AND an uncircumcised version of each sized product.

A size for everyone...
We offer product sizes in every half-inch, beginning with 2", all the way up to 10"!

A rainbow of possibilities...
We offer more skin colors than any competitor...253 to be exact! Not to mention the number of hair choices available.

Game, set, match...
Our painted color samples have been a game-changer...making personal, accurate color matching easier than ever!

Promise icon

Our Promise

From our hearts to yours...
We guarantee each and every product we ship. If you have an issue, we'll do our best to correct it as quickly as we can. That's our promise to you.

A firm sense of security...
We provide a 6 month warranty with every Pack n Play and STP, with the option to upgrade to a 1 year OR 2 year warranty. We even offer a free replacement (with our 2 year plan) if your product is defective or is damaged within the 2 year warranty period!

We understand how personal and important your product is to you, which is why we offer repairs on any product we have sold, regardless of when it was purchased.

No competitor matches that level of security.

Smiling customer service rep on phone in the office

Customer Service

The help you need...
We have always strived to be the best when it comes to customer service. Our team consists of several persons that take on a multitude of customer service responsibilities.

Time is of no consequence...
Heaven, our office manager, goes above & beyond when it comes to taking the time to answer calls, respond to emails and tackling any questions or issues you might have. Just take a look at some of our reviews, as she is mentioned on numerous occasions. Way to go, Heaven!

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5" Uncut PNP Model with Hair
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4" Uncut PNP Model
4" Cut PNP Model
5" Uncut PNP Model with Hair
4" Cut PNP Model
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4" Uncut PNP Model
7" Cut PNP Model
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