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Frequently Asked Questions

● How do I match my color?

The best way to get an accurate color match would be to order the Painted Color Samples. They are held against the skin to find the closest matching color.

You can also use the online color samples chart above, and choose your color from those, however please note that this will not always guarantee the best color match. Colors may show up differently on computer displays/phones. Backlit displays can also make colors appear much more saturated, or vary the hue of colors depending on the display settings themselves.

Once a color is chosen and the product has been manufactured, we are not able to change the color. Incorrect color choices will not be grounds for order replacement or returns.

● I'm not sure what color I am, can you help me choose?

Unfortunately, we are not able to make a color choice for you. This must be something you decide, as we are not able to make an accurate suggestion based on digital photos or examples.

We do assist in color matching in person, such as when we attend conferences and/or Trans/Pride events. If we will be in your area, we will be happy to assist you in your decision.

● Can I send in a photo of myself for color matching?

Unfortunately, no. As in the previous Q&A, we are not able to assist in color matching using photos. Color matching is best done in person. We do not offer assisted online color matching.

● I'm in between two colors, what do I do?

Fortunately, we can help with that. With our Color Mixing Option, we can mix any two colors together to create a custom color just for you! When selecting your color in the purchase section below, simply choose your first color, and then a second color you wish to mix the first one with. When we receive your order we'll use the two colors you chose to create a custom color for your product. It's that easy.

● Can I have the shaft painted darker than the tab?

Because the shaft of a penis is naturally slightly darker than the rest of the body, we automatically paint it a bit darker.

● Do I have to pay for color samples?

We no longer charge for color samples. There is a $100.00 fee that is refunded once the color samples are sent back and received by us. There will be a small shipping fee, however this is not refundable.

● Why does the color/paint application look different from my last model?

Each prosthetic is hand painted. We have multiple paint artists, each of which are painting multiple products. We try our best to keep the paint application similar on every prosthetic we paint, however slight differences in color and or detail may occur on two separate products. This is more likely to occur if products are purchased at different times. If a customer orders more than one product at a time, we will have the same artist paint both products so that they will match much more closely.