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Revolutionary In Nature

● The Flex Rod
● Flaccid & Firm Fills
● The Pleasure Pocket

We offer a number of fill options, including our Firm Fill variations and our industry-changing Flex Rod. We began offering the Flex Rod when we first introduced our original Pack n Play products back in 2009. It changed the transmasculine prosthetic business and has become a staple in the industry.

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Choose the fill of your prosthetic. Click the images below to see videos of each fill in action. Click About The Fills below for more detailed information about the fills

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About The Fills

Frequently Asked Questions

● Which fill can I use for penetration?

Most the the firmer fills will work for penetration, however it will vary with each individual use. The appropriate use is noted on each fill description The Firm Fill and X Firm Fill will work in most cases, however not for all. It will not, for example, be suitable for anal penetration. The XX Firm Fill is recommended for that type of use.

As always, use a condom for the protection of yourself and your partner.

● Is the Flex Rod removable?

No, the Flex Rod is inserted during manufacturing and is not removable.

● Can I add a Flex Rod after I receive my prosthetic

No, the Flex Rod is inserted during manufacturing and cannot be added after the prosthetic has been created.

● Does the Flex Rod make noise?

The Flex Rod is made up of multiple ball and socket joints, and works on the principle of friction. It may exhibit a small amount of noise when flexing. This is normal.

Our newer generation of Fled Rods are quieter than the previous model.

● Why can't I order the Flex Rod and the Pleasure Pocket together?

The Flex Rod, in order to function properly, must extend the entire length of the prosthetic. The Pleasure Pocket interferes with this, as it is inset into the prosthetic and does not allow the Flex Rod to extend as far as it should. Safety is also an issue, as the rod would be too close to the inner tip of the Pleasure Pocket.