Magik Wand Pleasure Inserts

Designed for Play. Customize for pleasure.

Introducing our multi-faceted penetration insert that we’ve coined the “Magik Wand”. With interchangeable attachments and a number of add on features, it’s the most flexible insert ever created. We offer three types of inserts, each with their own unique features. Our Magik Touch Toppers are silicone based and created not only for protection, but for pleasure. Pop on our standard Topper to protect your delicate area. Pop on another to add a touch of stimulation to the experience.

Coming soon!

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Standard Insert

The Standard Insert consists of a solid insertable rod with interchangeable toppers for pleasure. The rod is simply inserted before play to simulate an erect penis, and removed once no longer needed.

Includes Magik Touch Topper #1.

Pro Flex Insert

The Pro Flex insert provides the user with a bit more flexibility, so to speak. It consists of our standard flex rod attached to a custom designed base with nubs for adding any one of our Magik Touch Toppers for pleasure. Simply insert the rod using a bit of Reel Wet Lube.

Includes Magik Touch Topper #1.

Flow Flex Insert

The Flow Flex insert is the ultimate solution for those who prefer to wear their STP all day, and be ready for play at any time. This insert has a custom designed funnel that attaches to a hollow core flex rod…this allows the user to still urinate with the flex rod insert in place. No need to remove it!

Magik Touch Toppers

Our Magik Touch Toppers are placed on the end of our Magik Wand inserts. They are made of a soft silicone, and not only generate pleasure for the wearer, but add a layer of protection between the rod and the user. The #1 Topper has a smooth texture, and is designed for protection only.

Coming soon!

Pleasure inserts can be purchased separately.

Although the inserts are not available to purchase at this time, they do not need to be added to an order while building your STPPro. They will be available for purchase separately once they become available. We will likely contact the buyers of the STPPro via email and let them know when the inserts become available and provide a link to purchase them.



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● When will the inserts be available?
Materials have been limited as supply chains are struggling to keep up with demand. We are hoping to have the inserts ready within a month or so after the STP Pro launch.
● Can I use the Magik Wand Inserts on a regular STP?
No, the inserts were designed to fit into the Pro models only, as they feature a larger inner funnel to accommodate the Pro Flow feature.