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Take a closer look at all of the amazing features available in our FTM Prosthetics.

Super Soft Movable Foreskin. A must-touch feature.

All of our prosthetics include our innovative movable outer foreskin layer. This outer layer of skin feels amazingly close to actual foreskin. Due to the highly inventive process we pioneered with our first ftm prosthetic, the outer skin layer can be moved and pulled independently of the main penile shaft.

*May not be as noticable on flaccid model due to the soft inner core.

▶︎ Moves like real skin

▶︎ Soft, with a silky finish to mimic the feel of skin

▶︎ Realistically pulls up from the shaft

3D Scrotum with floating, movable testicles. You have to squeeze it to believe it.

Another feature we introduced in our original product, each prosthetic includes a full 3D scrotum that features anotmically accurate testicles that float freely in a liquid silicone gel. Passing the grab test is a no brainer with this feature. Newly improved scrotum now even softer!

▶︎ Hangs realistically in 3 dimensions

▶︎ Lightweight testicles that feel anatomically acccurate

▶︎ Super soft scrotum

Ultra realistic coloration and detail. 4K for the penis.

All of our ftm prosthetics are painted and detailed using a highly refined technique originally pioneered for the film industry. Our improved process creates a visually stunning model of realism. Layers of color mimic the translucency found in actual skin.

Upgrade to our                                             for even finer detail and realism.

▶︎ Highly realistic coloration on every model

▶︎ Proprietary coloration technique

▶︎ Mimics human skin

Beautifully hand sculpted.

All of our prosthetic models are meticulously hand sculpted and detailed by talented artists. Scultping the models by hand allows for broad design freedom that would otherwise not be possible by only using casts of cis males.

▶︎ Sculpted by hand

▶︎ Beautifully detailed

▶︎ Greater freedom of design

✹Included in every model

✹Included in every model

✹Included in every model

Adheres to the body and is safe in water. Free yourself from the limits of a harness.

Our prosthetics were designed to be adhered to the body using a silicone medical adhesive, allowing the prosthetic to become an extension of yourself. Hypo-allergenic and phthalate-free, our extra strenth adhesive is strong enough to hold even our 8" model during physical activities. Waterproof and sweatproof...feel at ease when showering, swimming or bathing.

▶︎ Allows prosthetic to become an extension of your body

▶︎ Can be worn all day

▶︎ Safe for swimming, showering and bathing

✹Included in every model

✹Included in every model

18 skin tones with mixing option...a virtual rainbow of possibilites.

We offer 18 skin tones to choose from with every model, with the option to mix colors to create an endless number of choices. Our skin tones are mixed by our lab for accuracy and continuity, and represent highly realistic human tones.

▶︎ Unlimited skin tone options

▶︎ Custom mixed in house by our lab

▶︎ Highly realistic human color tones

✹Included in every model

The flex rod. Flexibility you can rely on.

Warranty.'re covered.

We are proud to have been the first to introduce this groundbreaking feature back in 2008. Our ftm products include the option of adding a flexible rod to allow your prosthetic to be bent into an erect or flaccid position. Made entirely of plastic, the flex rod is durable and will not set off alarms when walking through the airport.

All of our prosthetics include our 90 day limited warranty. The warranty covers damage caused due to manufacturing error, such as minor tears & holes, paint damage, and flex rod issues. We'll cover everything from shipping to materials & labor...there is no cost to you. Any repairs will be completed as quickly as possible to limit the time you are without your product. Restrictions may apply.

▶︎ Flaccid or erect...anytime, anywhere

▶︎ Lightweight, durable plastic

▶︎ Travel without worrying

▶︎ 90 day coverage

▶︎ Repairs done quickly

▶︎ No out of pocket costs*

*Please see F.A.Q. Page for details and restrictions.


✹Included in every model

Hair, hand punched.

Another feature we pioneered in this industry. Each ftm product has the option of adding hand punched synthetic or human hair. The hair is naturally curly and very closely simulates pubic hair. The hairs are individually punched into the silicone, and appear as though they are growing out of the product. This adds to the realism and doubles to help hide the attachment tab.

▶︎ Extremely realistic appearance

▶︎ Synthetic or human hair

▶︎ Disguises the attachment tab

Enhanced detail coloration. Realism amplified.

We offer a highly detailed paint job standard on every prosthetic. Add a new dimension of realism to your product with our enhanced detail coloration. We add additional layers of color to increase translucency. Additional veining, as well as freckling, mottling and texturizing put your prosthetic over the edge.

▶︎ Added layers of coloration and translucency

▶︎ Realistic details such as capillaries and freckles

▶︎ Additional texture and mottling



Silicone color samples, delivered to your door. Matching skin tone is as easy as 1-2-3.

Take the guess work out of choosing a skin tone using only your computer display. We offer the option of having silicone color samples mailed to your home. Choose up to 6 skin tones from our skin tone chart and we will ship them to your home. Simply hold the samples up to your lower abdomen or inner thigh and choose the color that best matches your own. Its that easy.

▶︎ Highly accurate skin tone matching

▶︎ Extremely convenient

▶︎ No more guessing using a computer display

Discreet shipping, with a hidden gem.

Each product is shipped in a plain box with no identifying descriptions or photos. Only your delivery address and our business address is listed on the label. Despite the bland exterior, once you open the outer box you'll find a pleasant surprise waiting inside. Each of our prosthetics are now shipped in a sturdy box that adorns our company logo to store them in.

▶︎ Worry-free delivery

▶︎ Discreet and secure

▶︎ Shipped with a convenient storage box

✹Standard with every model




Enhanced Detail Coloration

Get Stimulated.

▶︎ Sculpted by hand

▶︎ Enhances pleasure

▶︎ Recommended with Firm Fill option


Our newest addition to the Pack n Play lineup, the Pleasure Pocket! Designed and tested to offer the ulitmate in pleasure while engaging in "extracurricular activities", the Pleasure Pocket will stimulate and enhance your sexual encounters. The inner pocket is textured and designed to simulate the feel of the human anatomy, while the outer ring is small enough to create a stimulating suction. Available on our Pack n Play models from size 5" and up. Not available when choosing the flex rod.