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LGBT Family owned and operated. Made in the USA.

Our Story

Reelmagik LLC, as you know it today, was founded in 2008 and is located just outside of Reading, Pennsylvania. Our original company, founded in 2001,  focused mainly on film, tv and special effects. In late 2008 we decided to shift our company to a makeup effects business only, which is what we specialized in.

In 2010 a longtime friend, who happened to be ftm (female to male transgender), came to us and asked if we woule be able to create an extremely realistic looking and feeling prosthetic penis for themselves and the ftm trans community. Confindent we would be able to create something far more advanced than what was currently available, we accepted the challenge and got to work experimenting with various materials and methods. We pioneered new techniques that had not yet been done in the trans prosthetic industry (multi-layered silicone prosthetic skin, free-floating testicles in a liquid silicone gel), as well as new product features that did not yet exist (the flex rod). We also applied and improved silicone painting techniques to create an ultra-realistic translucent skin. The resulting product, while pale in comparison to the prosthetics we have introduced since, was a major improvement over current offerings in the trans community. Our friend was thrilled with the product, and encouraged us to offer it to the rest of the trans community. Taking their advice, we began offering the product in our special effects makeup store, and has since become one of many amazing popular models available in our ftm prosthetic store.

We thank everyone who helped make our business what it has become today...our friends, our family, and most of all, our loyal customers.

Our Family

Reelmagik LLC, is owned and operated by Jesse Melchior and his husband Dale, who were married in May of 2015. Many of our employees and artists are close friends and family. Jesse founded the company, and is the creator of many of the techniques applied to the prosthetics in the store. He is also a master painter and sculpted most of the original products in the store. Dale, who works in the office, also brings many artistic talents to the business and is now casting a creating our STP products. Skilled in design and construction, he built the original shop used to create the makeup effects and prosthetics when the company was first founded.

Our head prosthetic silicone caster, David Melchior, is brother to Jesse. Focused on heading up the pouring and casting of all of our multi-layered prosthetics, his techniques are unrivaled and he continues to refine the process.

John Tatarelli, our master sculptor, is a long time childhood friend. His sculpting techniques continue to push our company ahead and challenge his own artistic limits. His engineering skills also contributed to the success of many products.

Alec Lechlitner and Erin Pfleger are some of our newest additions to the Reelmagik family. Alec, a close family friend, heads up our shipping department, takes on emails and customer service, and is now honing his skills making packers and silicone samples as well. Erin, cousin to Dale, started with us casting packers and STP products, and has recently moved up to coloration using her talented painting skills. We welcome them both and hope they will be with us for years to come.

We also wish to thank all of our other employees and artists. Their amazing work and contribution to the Halloween and Trans Community are appreciated.