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The Ultimate Stand To Pee Experience.

Our newest member of the Reelmagik family, the REELMAGIK S.T.P. was designed from the ground up for convenience and ease of use, while looking just as amazing and realistic as our advanced prosthetics. We overcame the biggest complaint in stand to pee products by designing our patented “No Drip Lip”, which prevents urine from spilling over the edge. The unique inner receptacle allows urine to flow easily out of the prosthetic, preventing unwanted puddling. It will change how you use the restroom forever.

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In order to create the ultimate Stand To Pee experience, we used our knowledge and experience of prosthetic materials and methods to create a unique inner funnel system with a patented “no drip lip” feature. This design prevents urine from leaking out the back or sides of the prosthetic device. This eliminates any embarrassing accidents or spills down the leg while standing at the urinal.


Next to function, our highest priority in our products is realism. We strive to create the most realistic anatomy and skin detail in our prosthetics. Our S.T.P. is no exception. The meatus is the hole that urine is released from, and we made sure it looked just as realistic as the rest of the prosthetic. We took time to sculpt the tip of the glans as realistic as possible.

Our customers spoke, and we listened. Our S.T.P. includes a soft 3D scrotum with floating, movable testicles. Our testicles have also been updated, and are now made of a lighter weight, slightly softer silicone. This feature makes packing with our product much easier and more comfortable, while feeling much more realistic than current S.T.P models.


In keeping with the high quality and realism of our advanced FTM prosthetic models, the REELMAGIK S.T.P. also features our enhanced detail coloration. This advanced technique uses layers of color to create the ultimate realistic S.T.P. No other model on the market comes close. Standard on every model.


No more pulling products from your pocket after you enter the restroom. As with our FTM Prosthetic models, the S.T.P. can be adhered to the body using a silicone medical adhesive. This allows for a much more natural feel, eliminating the need for harnesses or storing messy products before or after use. The natural contour of the prosthetic creates a snug fit against the body, forming a tight seal.

The REELMAGIK S.T.P. can be worn all day, and used just as easily as the real thing. Just unzip and let it drip.


Copyright © 2014 REELMAGIK, LLC.  All rights reserved.

Our advanced prosthetics feature the most realistic skin tones available, and we’re not skimping on these models. The REELMAGIK S.T.P. will be offered in 6 high end skin tones with our advanced detail coloration.


Copyright © 2014 REELMAGIK, LLC.  All rights reserved.