The REELMAGIK, LLC Make-up FX Company was founded in 2008.  Our main shop is located in Lancaster, PA.  We ship our products globally.

REELMAGIK, LLC was originally created as a video production and special fx company back in 2001, hence the (film) “REEL” in REELMAGIK.  We also offered make-up fx services, but focused mainly on the video production and motion graphics end of it.  My close friend John helped found the original company as well, and worked together on many successful projects.  In 2005 the company temporarily disbanded to pursue our individual interests.  I continued to work in the production field, helming the sole position of post production and motion graphics for a local production company, where he created tv commercials, specials, and a few short-lived tv and talk shows.  John went on to pursue other interests, with a few video production jobs of his own, as well as taking on special make-up fx jobs on Indie films and a local major motion picture.

In 2008, I decided to revive the company with the emphasis on make-up fx and masks, and began an online store focused on serving the Halloween consumer market, as well as convention-goers.  The store was an immediate success, gaining attention for high-quality products at reasonable prices.  The business flourished, gaining a large customer base, and continually grew each year.   In early 2009, we were commissioned to create an ultra-realistic looking and feeling penile medical prosthetic for the ftm transgender community.  The project was a huge success and is now a large part of our business.  In 2011 we were asked to head up the make-up creature FX for the popular Ron Adams Monster Bash classic monster convention in Pittsburg, PA, which is a yearly project.  Some new artists recently joined our team and have become an integral part of our workshop producing many of our Halloween items and ftm packers.  We are now a family-based company and work to continually create new and exiting popular movie prosthetics and masks, custom make-up fx, and ftm medical prosthetics.

You can see some of my individual projects that I took on during the company hiatus on our personal projects page.


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